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Lapp’s Christmas concert a perennial favourite

It’s been 20 years of amazing musical magic
Renowned fiddler and jazz trumpeter Daniel Lapp leads the special 75-minute toe-tapping Home for Christmas concert tradition. (Courtesy Daniel Lapp)

In what’s become a much loved and eagerly awaited annual event, the Victoria Conservatory of Music is celebrating 20 years of Daniel Lapp’s Home for Christmas concert.

The show will take the stage at the Royal Theatre on Dec. 20 and 21 and will be a celebration of 20 years of Lapp’s concerts in Victoria.

Lapp will be joined on stage by the BC Fiddle Orchestra, the Folkestra! ensemble, the Joy of Life Choir, Shiny H’ORNaments, STRINGS of lights, and special guest Canadian folksinger icon Valdy.

A world-renowned singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Lapp has also made a name for himself as a composer, teacher, band leader, producer, promoter and the list goes on. He’s played on more than 100 albums and performed across Canada and the United States as well as England, Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Germany and Wales. During that time, he’s played with a who’s-who of the most renowned folk and jazz musicians in the world and he’s done it all while mentoring hundreds of students.

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Lapp is also the winner of the BC Fiddle Championship and has appeared as a soloist with the CBC Chamber Orchestra as well as the Prince George, Victoria, and Vancouver Symphonies.

Music has always been a part of Lapp’s life

“I started singing in a choir when I was five. Started piano at eight and violin at nine. And all the while singing. It seemed really clear to me, back when I was only 10, when I was singing in music festivals and local musicals and things that I was going to be a professional singer,” Lapp said in a recent interview.

“When I was starting out in my career, my ambition was all about performing and touring all around the world, playing the jazz clubs in Europe,” he said.

But after years of travel and performances around the world, Lapp returned to Victoria where he said that he felt more grounded than he’d felt for years. “I embraced my life in Western Canada.”

And Western Canada is doubtlessly the better for it. Ticket information can be found at