Famed astronaut Chris Hadfield records world’s first album in space

Songs recorded in space a first for human race

Ground control to Major Tom …

Warner Music Canada announced the upcoming release of the debut album by famed Canadian astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield. The guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in space – a human first. The album’s fall 2015 launch underscores the importance that music has always had to Hadfield wherever he is – in space or at home on Earth.

“The serenity and grace I felt while orbiting our Earth, weightless by the window, gave a whole new place to write and perform music. I’m delighted to be able to share these completed works as a new way to help tell the stories of early space exploration,” says Hadfield

In 2013, Hadfield spent five months aboard the International Space Station. In the evenings, following days full of scientific experiments, Hadfield would pull out his acoustic guitar and power up his computer to record music and vocals for songs he’d written alone, as well as with his brother and his son. Once back on Earth, Juno Award winning producer Robbie Lackritz and a host of special guests added further instrumentation to the recordings.

“This is a very special opportunity for us to work with one of Canada’s most inspirational figures,” says Warner Music Canada President Steve Kane. “It takes an extraordinary individual to become an accomplished songwriter and astronaut. Colonel Hadfield is proof that music makes you smarter.”