Celebrate Victoria Pride Week

Celebrate Victoria Pride Week

The Victoria Pride Society has organized some stop-notch virtual entertainment, including the Virtual Pride Festival on July 5.

It’s Pride Week in Victoria and while COVID-era restrictions have limited in-person events, The Victoria Pride Society has organized some stop-notch virtual entertainment, including the Virtual Pride Festival on July 5.

A word from the Victoria Pride Society website:

“The Victoria Pride Society was born from a casual picnic in Beacon Hill Park over 20 years ago. Since the time of its creation, the Victoria Pride Society has focused on supporting the inclusiveness, accessibility and diversity of Pride Week events.

Today, we are one of a few national Pride Societies who encourage all people to walk the Pride parade route—generating thousands of people ‘proudly’ walking the streets of Victoria for themselves, colleagues or loved ones. As our community, our sponsors and our supporters grow, so too does the opportunity to share who we are, where we come from and, most importantly, our personal pride.

Being ‘proud’ transcends any one week of any given year. Being ‘proud’ is an achievement garnered throughout a lifetime. The Victoria Pride Society is here to provide support, connection, education, and celebration for every individual in their own quest to be.”

For more information, see victoriapridesociety.org

Here are some of the happenings:

The 2020 Virtual Pride Festival: July 05/11

Victoria’s 2020 Pride Festival may look a bit different this year but moving to a digital format ensures that the Queer Communities can enjoy all the entertainment they have come to expect, but with zero line-ups! Please see the Victoria Pride Society (VPS) Facebook page for more details as we move closer to the big day!

The Vicarious Show: Saturdays until July 04, 2020

As the future of in-person Pride events became unlikely for 2020, Victoria’s vibrant Drag Community mobilized, and The Vicarious Shows sprung to life. This 12-part series, running every Saturday evening until July 4, not only provides entertainment, but creates a powerful connection with our communities—something that is desperately needed in these difficult times.

Led by local legends Henrietta Dubét and Shelita Cox, local Drag Queens and Kings have proven that whether in-person or digital, Victoria’s Drag Community is as innovative as it is richly talented.

The Annual Memorial Dragball Game: A Retrospective: July 01

What began as a fun day with friends over 20 years ago, has become a spectacle that draws up to 1,000 spectators. As an in-person event is not an option for 2020, due to COVID, VPS is planning to create a digital retrospective of Dragball. This event has, over time, become one of the most well-attended events staged by VPS and is the launch of Pride Week in Victoria scheduled for July 1 each year.

While the event is extremely well attended, too few people know anything about its origins and evolution, which is rich in the history of Victoria’s Queer Communities This retrospective will provide a history of Dragball and track its evolution through interviews with the founding members, fan-favourite participants from over the years and archived footage.

Virtual Big Gay Dog Walk: July 03

Just because we can’t get together for the Annual Big Gay Dog Walk this year doesn’t mean we should not allow our canine friends to dress up and show their PRIDE. Get set for a costume contest and a trick competition.

Costume Contest Details: submit a photo of your dog in their best Pride-themed attire or costume.

Trick Competition Details: Submit your video showing your pooches best tricks.

See the victoriapridesociety.org for more details.

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