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Break out the sequins and leisure suits

Tight Hair presents a night of disco fun
Local disco band Tight Hair plays Hermann’s Upstairs on Aug. 5. (From back row left to right: Eric Hughes, Dave McCargar, Evert Pater, Ian Olsen, Dave Flello. Front row left to right: Katherine Beckett, Jody Dick, Hilary Beckett). (Tim Collins)

Disco. If you were around during the 1970s, it was a phenomenon that swept most of the Western world in a whirlwind of jersey wrap dresses, tube tops, sequined shirts, spandex shorts, and high slit skirts with boots or chunky heels for the girls and leisure suits, bell-bottomed pants and shiny vests for the boys.

And then there was the music – a relentless 120 beats a minute. It was music that almost forced you to dance.

Well, if you lived through that era, or even if you’ve more recently come to love the genre, the Tight Hair Disco show at Hermann’s Upstairs is not to be missed.

Tight Hair describes itself as “a bunch of disco-loving misfits that utilized the power of Craigslist and roller skates to form an authentic disco band”.

They may be misfits, but gloriously so.

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With two amazing diva vocalists backed by a solid horn section and amazing guitar riffs, the “Hair” will send the audience back to the days of Studio 54, glitter balls and the music of Donna Summer, Chic, Change, Sylvester, Cerrone, Bee Gees, Abba, Taste of Honey and more.

And there’ll be dancing.

Frontman for Tight Hair, Jody Dick, describes their concerts as more of a party than anything else.

“When I’m out on stage I look out and see people with giant smiles, having the time of their lives. They dress up in their disco clothing and they dance. They dance a lot,” said Dick.

The group started out in 2013 when Dick and a friend named Christopher Lloyd (no, not that Christopher Lloyd) decided to form a disco group. They put out ads, hosted auditions, and before long had formed an initial five-piece disco band.

“We’ve morphed into an eight-piece group now and are thinking of adding a ninth member soon,” Dick said.

Although the group isn’t touring as of yet, Dick said that the idea isn’t out of the question. They have, however, made their mark locally, performing at a variety of venues including the gay pride parade and a concert for the Lieutenant Governor.

“When the Lieutenant Governor comes on stage and says, ‘I love this music and this is a great band’, well, how can you do better than that?”, Dick said.

In the end, although nostalgia certainly plays a part in the group’s popularity, the music itself is amazing. Dick explained that his own musical tastes are “pretty eclectic” but that there is something about disco that connects with people’s sense of fun.

“It’s friggin nuts when you look out and see all these people, many of them dressed up, dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Seeing the fun they’re having is what it’s all about.

Tight Hair will be appearing at Hermann’s Upstairs on Aug. 5.

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