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Movie Review – Espionage thriller moody

Movie Review - Espionage thriller moody

Love & Angst

Anne Hathaway stars in One Day

Civil rights sincerity

A lightweight look at racism in ‘The Help’

Monkey business

Sci-fi reboot has a bigger brain

Crazy love story worth a laugh

Romantic comedy with charm to spare

Captain America kicks butt in hiply retro action flick

heroics do justice to Marvel Comics

Pooh hammers Harry with flawless film experience

POTTER bogged down in leaden plot exposition

Murder by morons

The silly side of revenge shows in Horrible Bosses

A blowed-up-real-gooder flick

Michael Bay revs into destructo-rama overdrive

Anti-Glee comedy delivers low-brow laughs

Cameron Diaz stars in Bad Teacher

A master of meditative beauty

Combining human pain with cosmic poetry

‘X’ hits the spot

Latest X-Men installment really is ‘First Class’

Hair of the Dog

The Hangover Part II

Super Sell Me

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Camera Shots

The Bang Bang Club is a real-life account of the celebrated quartet…

Head Trip

The reportage is vastly more quirky and personal in And Everything Is…

Wiiging Out

Girls gone (sort of) wild

Getting hammered:

Norse mythology in sci-fi drag

Faster, furiouser and furiouser

cartoonish turbo-charged ballet of brutality

An evocative depiction of monastic life

Political terror visits a French-run monastery in Algeria