Robert Moyes

Monday Movies: Hunger Games and Dallas Buyers Club

Lawrence holds strong in otherwise flimsy Catching Fire: McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club delivers

It’s hammerin’ time

The hammer of Thor gains momentum, charm and tolerability

MONDAY MOVIES: Hell on earth

Aside from its honesty, the great triumph of Slave are the performances.

Monday Movies: About Time and Ender’s Game

Ender's Game adaptation shows flaws, while Love Actually writer-director steals two hours from unsuspecting movie-goers in About Time

Monday Movies: The Old actor and the sea

All is Lost finds its way, The Counselor in need of guidance

Monday Movies: Hero or villain?

The Fifth Estate: a fascinating but flawed portrait of WikiLeaks's Julian Assange and Carrie revisited in First Blood

Adrenaline on the high seas

Within 10 minutes of screen time the Maersk Alabama is under siege, and the tension never really lets up

Monday Movies: A joyful noise

If Oscars were awarded on the basis of generating pure joy, this year’s leading candidate would be 20 Feet From Stardom.

MONDAY MOVIES: I’m So Excited!

Getting high with Oscar-winning Spanish director Pedro Almodovar

Monday Movies: Prisoners and Salinger

Notoriously reclusive author J.D. Salinger would have hated the documentary that bears his name.

Monday movies: Blackfish

Tracking a killer

Monday Movies: Riddick

. This aptly named and truly scary sci-horror outing is raking it in at the box office

Monday Movies: The Attack

The Attack is an explosive look at the Arab-Israeli conflict. Now playing at the Odeon.

Monday Movies: Closed Circuit and In a World

Closed Circuit is a thoughtful if tepid look at how the modern state can secretly abuse its power

Monday Movies: The World’s End and You’re Next

This apocalyptic pub crawl by the creators of Shaun of the Dead is disappointingly slapdash and a bit short on laughs

Monday Movies: The Butler

Monday film reviewer Robert Moyes tells us what's on tap for September

Monday’s Movies

Woody gets serious, Sci-fi allegory crash-lands

Movie Review: RED 2 and The Company you Keep

RED 2: a baroque, globetrotting plot that centres on a Cold War-era nuclear bomb plot.

Film Review: Pacific Rim

Hollywood takes on Japanese Sci-horror in this fantastical global apocalypse film

Film Review: The Angel’s Share

Director Ken Laoch's The Angel's Share is a A dram fine film