Robert Moyes

Film listings Feb. 14 – 20

Robocop, Winter's Tale and Endless Love open; Victoria Film Festival continues

Monday Movies: The Lego Movie and The Monuments Men

Lego builds the groundwork for sly family entertainment; all-star cast can't save Clooney's stereotype-laden snooze

Monday Movies: That Awkward Moment and Labor Day

Film reviewer suggests Awkward screenwriter spanking gives comedians a heads up for fodder in Labor Day's misguided sexy-pastry fail

Film listings Feb. 7 – 13

The Victoria Film Festival kicks off; The Monuments Men, The Lego Movie and Vampire Academy open

Film listings Jan. 31 – Feb. 6

Opening: Labor Day and That Awkward Moment; Movie Monday screens My Father and the Man in Black, continues Insights

Monday Movies: When Jews Were Funny and I, Frankenstein

Jewish comedy deconstructed with style in Zweig doc; I Frankenstein a poorly sewn together beast of a film

Monday Movies: Chick flic 3.0

Joaquin Phoenix stars as a quiet man who becomes enamoured with his computer’s Siri-like operating system in Her

Monday Movies: Blue is the Warmest Color and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Blue's raw, honest storytelling trumps explicit sex scenes; Jack Ryan couldn't recruit a shadow of an original screenwriting team

Monday Movies: Listings for the week of Jan. 17 – 23

Opening this weekend: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Big Bad Wolves, Ride Along, Devil's Due and The Nut Job.

Monday Movies: The Summit review and movie listings

Documentary balances the horror and attraction of climbing the world's most treacherous peak

Monday Movies: Inside Llewyn Davis and American Hustle

The Coen Brothers write and direct another winner; Silver Lining's Playbook's David O. Russell delivers with comic crime caper

Monday Movies: The Magdalene Sisters and Homefront

Steve Coogan and Judi Dench offer off-couple comedic chemistry within bittersweet true story; Jason Statham delivers – as expected

Monday Movies: Out of the Furnace

Scott Cooper delivers surprising character-driven drama

MONDAY MOVIES: On the road again

The indie film scene is thriving these days

Monday Movies: A Bereft Heart and There’s No Place Like Homefront

Robert Moyes reviews Philomena and Homefront

Monday Movies: Hunger Games and Dallas Buyers Club

Lawrence holds strong in otherwise flimsy Catching Fire: McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club delivers

It’s hammerin’ time

The hammer of Thor gains momentum, charm and tolerability

MONDAY MOVIES: Hell on earth

Aside from its honesty, the great triumph of Slave are the performances.

Monday Movies: About Time and Ender’s Game

Ender's Game adaptation shows flaws, while Love Actually writer-director steals two hours from unsuspecting movie-goers in About Time

Monday Movies: The Old actor and the sea

All is Lost finds its way, The Counselor in need of guidance