Robert Moyes

WINE NOTES: Sumac Ridge offshoot a favourite discovery for 2019

Black Sage’s 2016 Cabernet Franc offers good value, plenty of flavour for medium bodied red: Moyes

VFF Review: Saint Armour

Monday Magazine reviews this years must-see films at VFF

VFF Review: The Hollow Child

Monday Magazine reviews some must-see films at VFF

The Magic of Mozart

Pacific Opera Victoria prepares to put Mozart's genius on full display

Fast-Food Franchise Gets Supersized in Founder

Monday's movie buff Robert Moyes reviews Founder the story of the golden arches

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Robert Moyes gives you the rundown of what to watch this weekend

Zesty Sip

Robert Moyes shows find the best wines without breaking the bank

Carol Shields comes to the big screen

Robert Moyes tells us which new movies are worth watching and which aren't

Zesty sips – Saluting the end of summer

With South Africa’s wine industry so it’s no surprise that a cheery patio sipper is no challenge to these savvy vintners.

All bloody on the western front

Conceived rather cheekily as an affirmative-action western, The Magnificent Seven is a fine albeit unnecessary remake of a classic.

M FILM – A rom-com with brains

Writer-director Rebecca Miller has a shot at some mainstream popularity with Maggie’s Plan

PERFECTLY POTABLE: Wine notes with Robert Moyes

Summer calls for a Clean Slate

M FILM – Odd-Couple Private Eyes

The Nice Guys is a rude and rambunctious action comedy

PERFECTLY POTABLE: Wine notes with Robert Moyes

BC’s wine industry is blooming

M FILM – For the love of tango

Our Last Tango tells the volatile history of Maria Nieves and Juan Carlos Copes, tango’s most famous couple

PERFECTLY POTABLE: Wine notes with Robert Moyes

Go on a Wild Goose chase

M FILM – A Killer Black Comedy

The Legend of Barney Thomson is the story of a downtrodden barber in working class Glasgow

PERFECTLY POTABLE: Wine notes with Robert Moyes

See Ya Later’s Rover ‘best in show’

M FILM – The Prime of Miss Maggie Smith

The same actor who performed the homeless Mary Shepherd on the London stage nearly two decades ago reprises her role

M FILM – Human patriot missiles

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is an intense, deliberately jagged reenactment