Robert Moyes

Pooh hammers Harry with flawless film experience

POTTER bogged down in leaden plot exposition

Murder by morons

The silly side of revenge shows in Horrible Bosses

A blowed-up-real-gooder flick

Michael Bay revs into destructo-rama overdrive

Anti-Glee comedy delivers low-brow laughs

Cameron Diaz stars in Bad Teacher

A master of meditative beauty

Combining human pain with cosmic poetry

‘X’ hits the spot

Latest X-Men installment really is ‘First Class’

Hair of the Dog

The Hangover Part II

Super Sell Me

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Camera Shots

The Bang Bang Club is a real-life account of the celebrated quartet…

Head Trip

The reportage is vastly more quirky and personal in And Everything Is…

Wiiging Out

Girls gone (sort of) wild

Getting hammered:

Norse mythology in sci-fi drag

Faster, furiouser and furiouser

cartoonish turbo-charged ballet of brutality

An evocative depiction of monastic life

Political terror visits a French-run monastery in Algeria

Rio Con Brio

The action is eye-poppingly colourful in Rio, the latest animation hi-jinks from the creators of the crazy-clever Ice Age.

Win Win

Win Win is the latest by writer-director Tom McCarthy.

Weekly Film Listings April 21-27

Victoria Film Listings

Born to be wild

Portrayal of two sanctuaries for orphaned animals

Get ready for a drab walk on the moors with Jane Eyre

Bronte's classic gets remade, again.

Weekly Film Listings – April 7-13

Hanna, Your Highness, Awareness Film Night fundraiser, Oscar week at Cinecenta and more.